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I've watched the RailsCasts #281, and Ryan Bates is talking about the Foreman gem. At the first time I did not mind for the project, this is interesting, but I don't see how it's can be useful for me. Then I go back to the project when I'm working. I open my iTerm, an tab for mongod, and tab for spork, and a tab for  guard, and another to run the generators.
After I open all this tabs, Foreman gem cames to my mind. Well, I gave to Foreman a opportunity, and I loved it.

If you think this scenario is the same of you, take a look at Foreman, and give to it a chance.
You can add the gem to your Gemfile or install it by your own hand. To work foreman only needs a file called Procfile. in this manifest file, you name your process and tell to foreman what command they should use, and above a simple Procfile for the scenario:

Very simple file, I've a process called mond, wich executes "sudo mongod" and starts the mongodb database, You'll see in the console, something like that "mongod.1 | started with pid XXX", every log from mongod will appear in the console.

To start all this process type "foreman start", Now I've only one tab running all my development processes.

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